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# mulle-xcode-settings A little tool to set Xcode build settings from the command line. You can specify the target and the configuration to set. If you don't specify a target, the setting is changed in the project. If you don't specify a configuration, the setting will be applied to all configurations. Therefore when you specify a target and a configuration only the setting in that target for that configuration is affected. ### Examples ```console mulle-xcode-settings add HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS '/usr/local/include' ./X.xcodeproj mulle-xcode-settings remove HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS '/usr/local/include' ./X.xcodeproj ``` ### History This is basically a stripped down version of `mulle_xcode_utility`. ### Releasenotes 1.0.4 Adding a string to another string, creates a proper array of strings. (If the string isn't a duplicate). New command "insert" like add, but adds in front of previous value(s). 1.0.3 Fix moar compile problems that turned up in brew (why not earlier ?) 1.0.2 Fix some compile problems that turned up in brew (why not earlier ?) 1.0.1 Fixed a crasher due to multi-value settings ### Author Coded by Nat!