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# mulle-vararg A variable argument passing scheme written in C (C11). It's an alternative to [stdarg](// or [varargs](//, but not compatible with either. Fork | Build Status | Release Version ----------|---------------|----------------------------------- [Mulle kybernetiK](// | [![Build Status](]( | ![Mulle kybernetiK tag]( [![Build Status](]( ## Install Install the prerequisites first: | Prerequisites | |---------------------------------------------------------| | [mulle-c11](// | Then build and install ``` mkdir build 2> /dev/null ( cd build ; cmake .. ; make install ) ``` Or let [mulle-sde](// do it all for you. ## How it works **mulle-vararg** assumes that the arguments are not layed out in stack alignment fashion but like in a struct. The C promotion rules are still observed though. > Remember the C argument promotion rules are > > 1. char and short to int/unsigned int > 2. float to double > Let's assume there is a compiler that uses **mulle-vararg** for variable arguments. It collects **all** function parameters and packs them into a struct, then passes this struct to the function. A **printf** function being being called like this: ``` printf( "%d %f %lld\n", (char) 'x', (float) 0.2, 1848LL; ``` would get its arguments embedded in a struct like this ``` struct { char *format; struct { int value1; // standard char -> int promotion double value2; // standard float -> double promotion long long value3; } varargs; } _param; ``` **mulle-vararg** provides the necessary functions to read such a struct. It has no code to create it. #### Advantages * Easy to write in C, does not need compiler ABI internals to construct or read. You don't need [libffi](// or some such. * Cheap forwarding to other functions. #### Disadvantages * Not compatible with `<stdarg.h>` ## API * [Vararg](dox/ ### Platforms and Compilers All platforms and compilers supported by [mulle-c11](// ## Author [Nat!](// for [Mulle kybernetiK](// and [Codeon GmbH](//