mulle-plist-utilties ====================== Just say *sudo make install* and the files will end up in /usr/local. man pages ========= NAME mulle‐plist‐from‐files — Combine multiple files into a single property list SYNOPSIS mulle‐plist‐from‐files file [file ...] DESCRIPTION Reads, possibly recursively, a bunch of files and creates a property plist from them. This property list is then written to standard output. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME mulle‐plist‐compress — Compress and format a property list for inclusion in C code. SYNOPSIS mulle‐plist‐compress [−s style] [−c compression] [−f format] DESCRIPTION Reads a property plist from standard input and writes it’s result to standard output. The property list is by default space optimized and escaped to be used in a C‐String. The options are processed in the order s, c, f. The following options are available: −s Change the style of the produced property list: condensed only outputs a minimal number of characters for the property list (default). pretty is the output created by ‐[NSObject description]. xml produces XML property list output. binary produces binary property list output. −c Use a binary compression method: none to not compress (default), use zlib to create a zlib compressed blob. −f Choose an output format: escaped for inclusion into a C‐String (default). Not useful in combination with compression. plain for output as is. hex to output in hexadecimal format for inclusion in a unsigned char C‐Array. ENVIRONMENT MULLE_PLIST_HEADER The contents of this environment variable are prepended to the output. MULLE_PLIST_FOOTER The contents of this environment variable are appended to the output. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AUTHOR ====== Coded by Nat! 2013, Mulle kybernetiK. www.mulle‐ The lastest version should be available on github.‐ nat/mulle‐plist‐utilities