May 1, 2016
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Make it a 0.4 version

Nat! authored on 01-05-2016 17:44:14
April 29, 2016
View b204716

Does not use errno anymore, instead directly returne error code through rval.

Nat! authored on 29-04-2016 14:56:05
April 13, 2016
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adapt to environment changes

Nat! authored on 13-04-2016 17:50:13
April 12, 2016
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Nat! authored on 12-04-2016 16:29:15
View e7bea64

Improve opaque atomic pointers for better debugability my using a union.

Nat! authored on 12-04-2016 14:42:41
March 24, 2016
View a2fce4d

Add some conveniences, based on enumerator.

Nat! authored on 24-03-2016 13:38:26
March 14, 2016
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fixes for mulle-bootstrap build

Nat! authored on 14-03-2016 13:43:35
March 8, 2016
View c47c8c9

More dox fixes, change errno value. Up version. Fix compile on linux

Nat! authored on 08-03-2016 15:34:46
View af3e85e

Adapt to changes in mulle_allocator.

Nat! authored on 07-03-2016 23:51:09
March 7, 2016
View 7a9bd13

Improve by avoiding definetely superflous mallocs during migration. Rename some copy/paste variable names for better readability.

Nat! authored on 07-03-2016 19:29:29
View 85b49da

Remove dependency on aba, but make the allocator more clever. In the end mulle_aba is just a more clever kind of free. Rename some functions to be compatible with container naming.

Nat! authored on 07-03-2016 16:33:39
View 5bac158

Mercyful Release

Nat! authored on 07-03-2016 14:00:12