1.0.1-1.0.4 === * fix packaging * improve documentation # v1.0 * renamed `_mulle_concurrent_hashmap_lookup_any` to `mulle_concurrent_hashmap_lookup_any` since its safe to pass NULL. * renamed `_mulle_concurrent_hashmap_get_count` to `mulle_concurrent_hashmap_count`, since it's safe to pass NULL and it's not a get operation.' * improved the documentation * added some more "safe API" routines for release * improved the headers for readability * clarified return codes of `mulle_concurrent_hashmap_remove`. # v0.5 * changed internal representation of mask from unsigned int to uintptr_t, because it's easier to read by the debugger # v0.4 * does not use `errno` directly anymore, but instead returns the errno codes as the return value (sometimes as negative numbers) # v0.3 * change init error code to EINVAL, because that's what the other code uses. * fix some gcc compile problems # v0.2 * Adapt to changes in `mulle_allocator` and `mulle_aba` # v0.1 * Remove dependency on `mulle_aba` for the pure library. * Rename _free to _done. # v0.0 * Merciful Release