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<!-- [comment]: <> (DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. EDIT THE TEMPLATE "templates/") --> # mulle-concurrent **mulle-concurrent** is a library for lock- and wait-free data structures. Wait-freeness is a desirable property for "hotly" contested data structures in multi-threaded environments. > Many of the ideas are taken from [Preshing on Programming: A Resizable, Concurrent Map]( > The definition of concurrent and wait-free are from []( Fork | Build Status | Release Version ----------|---------------|----------------------------------- [Mulle kybernetiK](// | [![Build Status](]( | ![Mulle kybernetiK tag]( [![Build Status](]( [Community]( | [![Build Status](]( | ![Community tag]( [![Build Status](]( ## Data structures API | Description | Example ------------------------------------------------------|----------------|--------- [`mulle_concurrent_hashmap`](dox/ | A growing, mutable map of pointers, indexed by a hash. A.k.a. hashtable, dictionary, maptable | [Example](tests/hashmap/example.c) [`mulle_concurrent_pointerarray`](dox/ | A growing array of pointers | [Example](tests/array/example.c) ## Install On OS X and Linux you can use [homebrew](//, respectively [linuxbrew](// to install the library: ``` brew install mulle-objc/softwaremulle-concurrent ``` On other platforms you can use **mulle-install** from [mulle-build](// to install the library: ``` mulle-install --prefix /usr/local --branch release ``` Otherwise read: * [How to Build](dox/ ### Platforms and Compilers All platforms and compilers supported by [mulle-c11](// and [mulle-thread](// ## Author [Nat!](// for [Mulle kybernetiK](// and [Codeon GmbH](//