August 22, 2017
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fix more bugs found by shellcheck and tests

Nat! authored on 22-08-2017 22:29:38
View 89bc284

some fixes for tests and bugs found by tests

Nat! authored on 22-08-2017 19:31:04
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Merge branch 'master' into v4

Nat! authored on 22-08-2017 19:16:41
View e4b9354

improve test code

Nat! authored on 22-08-2017 19:12:48
View a32a9fa

Continue rewrite of fetch system and adapt all tests to it.

Nat! authored on 22-08-2017 18:12:21
August 21, 2017
View 37e5202

* now mulle-bootstrap can also build autoconf projects * mulle-bootstrap is generally smarter to localize projectfiles that aren't at the toplevel directory

Nat! authored on 21-08-2017 18:19:53
View 760a5af

* mulle-bootstrap gains the uninit command, to completely remove .bootstrap stuff from project some bugfixes

Nat! authored on 21-08-2017 18:18:59
View c94e531

* local repositories and archives (as possible symlink or clone origins) are now considered to be locals. This removes the confusing name caches for this functionality. The only caches that still exist are those used by git and curl to actually cache stuff

Nat! authored on 21-08-2017 15:39:44
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make build systems pluggable, to make it easier to add stuff

Nat! authored on 21-08-2017 15:13:40
August 15, 2017
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Merge branch 'release' of

Nat! authored on 15-08-2017 16:02:06
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* clean build does not throw away dependencies, use clean full for that

Nat! authored on 15-08-2017 15:54:05
August 3, 2017
View d1cb6e3

* clean command build is now different, so that `mulle-boostrap clean build` followed by `mulle-bootstrap build` actually rebuilds everything as one would expect. The old functionality is now called `mulle-bootstrap clean cruft`

Nat! authored on 03-08-2017 19:44:33
August 2, 2017
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Nat! authored on 02-08-2017 15:20:22 • GitHub committed on 02-08-2017 15:20:22
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* new clean command 'full' is now also the new default

Nat! authored on 01-08-2017 17:40:51
August 1, 2017
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* new build and root setting . See dox/settings/dispense_style/

Nat! authored on 31-07-2017 14:53:24 • Nat! committed on 01-08-2017 16:54:56