November 11, 2016
View 1442adc

symlink fixes and better version exit

Nat! authored on 11-11-2016 14:33:11
October 15, 2016
View 48ac764

dox fix

Nat! authored on 15-10-2016 16:18:03
October 12, 2016
View 4c18ff6

restructure dox

Nat! authored on 12-10-2016 10:48:27
September 24, 2016
View 751a600

improvements in /usr/local treatment. Bugfixes of recently introduced of bootstrap_auto_update regresssions. Simplify build code a little bit

Nat! authored on 24-09-2016 17:35:40
September 21, 2016
View e18eee6

* fixed a problem in the parsing of the repositories file * embedded repositories can now be placed at an arbitrary position within your project tree * changes in deeply embedded repositories are now better tracked * fixed some path functions

Nat! authored on 21-09-2016 11:26:26
September 16, 2016
View 75913c0

Unify clone value parsing a bit more. Cleanup stray tabs in files.

Nat! authored on 16-09-2016 15:51:07
View e3bb0c2

Improved simplify_path Allow embededed repositories to be placed and an arbitrary location within the project (experimental) Move code related to "repostitories" and "embedded_repositories" into its own file.

Nat! authored on 16-09-2016 14:38:07
September 13, 2016
View ed3c61c

fix documentation up

Nat! authored on 13-09-2016 02:02:04
September 12, 2016
View 5e30f64

fix init example, fix brew fetch

Nat! authored on 12-09-2016 16:28:05
View 956c95a

improve and update dox

Nat! authored on 12-09-2016 13:14:53
View add86e0

fix init, improve

Nat! authored on 12-09-2016 12:41:41
View 7be3796

improvements to .gitignore

Nat! authored on 12-09-2016 12:30:10
September 3, 2016
View d210028

first version that build using mingw32-make

Nat! authored on 03-09-2016 16:05:16
August 29, 2016
View 8a25572

Fix some stuff

Nat! authored on 29-08-2016 21:03:23
View 987c569


Nat! authored on 29-08-2016 20:51:05