October 1, 2015
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Getting into a usable state.

Nat! authored on 01/10/2015 16:49:31
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Add possibility to install tarballs (e.g. Crashlytics.framework). First steps towards helpful usage output.

Nat! authored on 01/10/2015 12:54:38
September 30, 2015
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Make mulle-bootstrap clean more nicey. Started a SETTINGS.md file as documentation. Changed the way headers are mangled to not mangling them as default. Improved and unified settings code again.

Nat! authored on 30/09/2015 15:30:07
September 29, 2015
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Implemented -n on init, fetch, clean and tag. Split functions into two files. Reworked the way xcodebuild is called. Reworked the way clean is doing it. Added support for MULLE_BOOTSTRAP_TRACE_SETTINGS and MULLE_BOOTSTRAP_TRACE_ACCESS_SETTINGS) e.g. MULLE_BOOTSTRAP_TRACE_SETTINGS=YES ./mulle-bootstrap Can now deal with spaces in setting variables.

Nat! authored on 29/09/2015 16:36:18
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Add code so that you can remove repos from gits and they won't be compiled anymore.

Nat! authored on 29/09/2015 15:11:47
September 28, 2015
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make xcode setup output more useful

Nat! authored on 28/09/2015 22:44:22
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sublime project added

Nat! authored on 28/09/2015 19:17:52
September 27, 2015
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Rewrote the setting reader stuff significantly. Experimental grabbing of CFLAGS continued.

Nat! authored on 27/09/2015 21:12:19
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rename setup-xcode to xcode, experimentally try to add CFLAGS to cmake and configure projects

Nat! authored on 27/09/2015 14:58:23
September 24, 2015
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first checkin

Nat! authored on 24/09/2015 18:25:40