December 2, 2015
View 4c4065e

merge with 0.11

Nat! authored on 02/12/2015 17:21:41
December 1, 2015
View 5773088

Commit stuff for 0.12

Nat! authored on 01/12/2015 17:56:59
October 30, 2015
View b223fc0

fix stale header problem, advance to 0.11

Nat! authored on 30/10/2015 11:03:02
October 26, 2015
View 3837366

no release, w/o an insta patchfix 10min later :/

Nat! authored on 26/10/2015 17:54:59
View 6d782b8

always force overwrite of header for less headscratching

Nat! authored on 26/10/2015 17:45:25
October 21, 2015
View a203984

only warn about tars, if there are tars. basename and dirname with "--" to protect some screwy filenames. Make embedded repositories work for bootstrapped repositories. Also try to manage CFLAGS, LDFLAGS like for cmake (experimental to say the lease)

Nat! authored on 21/10/2015 16:57:41
October 18, 2015
View 7fdfcd1

Renamed gits to repositories, before it's too late :) That's needed for svn supprot. Make things a little bit less colorful. Always give cmake the sdk as a cmake parameter, because it means less pain, with misconfigurations. Fix various bugs.

Nat! authored on 18/10/2015 18:59:51
October 17, 2015
View fe01cf2

Added subgits, so move the version number to 0.10

Nat! authored on 17/10/2015 21:00:51
View 151d8ed

Fix finds again for Linux and Mac compatility. Refactored some internal functions a bit.

Nat! authored on 17/10/2015 16:36:00
View 19a9159

use uname to find platform specific fetch settings

Nat! authored on 17/10/2015 11:46:18
View 3c694a9

0.9.8 brings more Linux fixes

Nat! authored on 17/10/2015 01:01:04
View d5a9eae

Allow version to work everywhere.

Nat! authored on 17/10/2015 00:27:46
View 2d8f68e

Made some necessary changes for Linux and Ubuntu's hated dash in particular. Fixed coloring, since I noticed, that not all terminals are necessarily black...

Nat! authored on 17/10/2015 00:05:45
October 16, 2015
View 16b407c

Make it 0.9.5

Nat! authored on 16/10/2015 16:31:45
View b6db9b8

Some minor improvements for building. Fix dry run some more.

Nat! authored on 16/10/2015 14:38:17