EO Template for use by "eogenerator" based upon MiscMerge engine.
 You may customize this file to modify the templates generated
 by this tool.  See the MiscMerge documentation for a description
 of the parsing language.  The engine gets passed this file and an
 EOEntity to process, so the methods used must be ones that an
 EOEntity can respond to.
 BE SURE NOT TO INCLUDE DATES IN THIS FILE.  Since the "eogenerator"
 tool tries to compare the newly generated file with the old file,
 adding dates to this file will guarantee the old file gets
 overridden by the new file, forcing a recompilation of your EO.$>
 // <$classNameWithoutPackage$>.java
 <$foreach package classPackage do$>package <$package$>;
 <$endforeach do$>
 import com.webobjects.eocontrol.*;
 import java.math.BigDecimal;
 import java.util.*;
 public class <$classNameWithoutPackage$> extends <$GEN_PREFIX$><$classNameWithoutPackage$>
     public <$classNameWithoutPackage$>() {
     // If you add instance variables to store property values you
     // should add empty implementions of the Serialization methods
     // to avoid unnecessary overhead (the properties will be
     // serialized for you in the superclass).
     private void writeObject( out) throws {
     private void readObject( in) throws, java.lang.ClassNotFoundException {