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# MulleScionist A simple [MulleScion]( Template Editor for HTML. MulleScionist is a native, open-source template editor for MulleScion HTML templates for OS X. It has syntax highlighting and a live-updating rendered WebKit preview. You can use the WebKit Inspector from within MulleScionist. MulleScionist has also an option to pretty print your HTML code, with limited support for MulleScion syntax. ![](screeny.png "Screenshot") ![](raw/master/screeny.png "Screenshot") # Build MulleScionist from the command line <pre>git clone cd MulleScionist pod install --verbose xcodebuild -workspace MulleScionist.xcworkspace -scheme All</pre> # Build MulleScionist with Xcode * Clone the [git repository]( * open the <tt><b>MulleScionist.xcworkspace</b></tt>, <font color="red"><i>not</i></font> the <tt>MulleScionist.xcodeproj</tt> * Build the <tt><b>All</b></tt> target ## History MulleScionist is the follow-up project to MulleScionDrake, which was based on ManDrake by Sveinbjorn Thordarson. ## Credits MulleScionist, MulleHTMLTidy by: > Nat! [Mulle kybernetiK]( mulle-tidy by: > Nat! [Mulle kybernetiK]( tidy-html5 by: > W3C, Dave Ragget and others. ManDrake by: >Sveinbjorn Thordarson <> UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument by: > Uli Kusterer NoodleLineView by: > Paul Kim