November 24, 2013
View 6dcad16

Finally fix symlink in python script. thx to helge

Nat! authored on 24-11-2013 17:45:47
View 04179c7

fix wrong git clone statement now (sigh)

Nat! authored on 24-11-2013 16:29:36
View c4fdee5

Fix casing rename in UK subproject

Nat! authored on 24-11-2013 16:19:24
November 23, 2013
View 4557c9f

Make built-in mulle-scion a fallback option. So you are editing with the system wide executable if possible. Add some rudimentary error output.

Nat! authored on 23-11-2013 16:55:40
View 173a929

Try to get produced mulls-scion output a more sensible way by directly gripping for it in the xcodebuild output.

Nat! authored on 23-11-2013 16:17:04
November 20, 2013
View 1f20dc2

changes shell script to build and link mulle-scion, giving it a higher chance (but not 100%) of success

Nat! authored on 20-11-2013 23:25:40
View 1d70ece

Try to fix automatic compilation of MulleScionDrake. Remove warnings with compiler flags :P Updated read me.

Nat! authored on 20-11-2013 19:42:57
View 3e1f192

Try to use "double image" trick so gfx shows up on both github and mulle

Nat! authored on 20-11-2013 11:11:06
View df2d6ab

Make nicer for release

Nat! authored on 20-11-2013 10:55:19
November 19, 2013
View 6fc78b0

Use default.plist, default.scion instead of inline xib strings to preload new document contents. Allow loading of bundles as dataSources.

Nat! authored on 19-11-2013 16:46:42
November 17, 2013
View c73b52f

Allow loading of a different property list.

Nat! authored on 17-11-2013 23:21:28
November 11, 2013
View 5fe2de1

Add plist editor to UI. Automatically download and compile mulle-scion (untested)

Nat! authored on 11-11-2013 00:00:53
November 10, 2013
View 2ee5d35

fix wrong link

Nat! authored on 10-11-2013 18:09:38
View 4134f42

remove orphan

Nat! authored on 10-11-2013 18:08:47
View 46c6cee

Based on ManDrake. UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument is in a separate repository. Moved stuff around. mulls-scion is not included. You need to get this to make this work.

Nat! authored on 10-11-2013 18:07:25