October 6, 2014
View 244b6c8

Keep version in sync with MulleScion for now

Nat! authored on 06-10-2014 16:43:27
July 30, 2014
View 69a77a4

move deallocation code to presumably better place

Nat! authored on 30-07-2014 21:44:40
May 25, 2014
View f861fe0

hack to avoid webkit inspector grabbing keyboard focus, when redrawing the webview. Made default scion template a bit more scrutable. Removed some old name remnants. Enforce rulers (hopefully).

Nat! authored on 24-05-2014 18:06:53
April 22, 2014
View a393187

Use MulleScion as a git submodule, since the CocoaPods model falls flat in this case. We only need the produced binary, not the framework. Should eventually do the same with tidy and get rid of CocoaPods again... gave up fighting .gitmodules which really wants to be committed Fixed some install problems.

Nat! authored on 22-04-2014 15:04:51
View 1f881d4

UI changes test config

Nat! authored on 22-04-2014 14:56:45
April 21, 2014
View c391127

General cleanup, changed license from GPL to whatever, because most of the code isn't really GPL code, and what was GPL is now pretty much gone.

Nat! authored on 21-04-2014 23:48:11
April 20, 2014
View 968fb0c

Added MulleHTMLTidy to project using Cocoapods. Run pod install in the directory to retrieve the project files for MulleHTMLTidy. Can use WebKit debugger now too.

Nat! authored on 20-04-2014 02:06:17
April 19, 2014
View eacb182

Renamed Project to MulleScionist. Added output from mulle-scion in another view, which is moar convenient. Also reinstated the line numbering.

Nat! authored on 19-04-2014 00:10:00
December 4, 2013
View 0f1f9c5

replace tmp bland icon with tmp ugly icon, fix copy/pasted text in README.md. Make default.scion nicer.

Nat! authored on 04-12-2013 23:47:15
November 24, 2013
View 6dcad16

Finally fix symlink in python script. thx to helge

Nat! authored on 24-11-2013 17:45:47
View 04179c7

fix wrong git clone statement now (sigh)

Nat! authored on 24-11-2013 16:29:36
View c4fdee5

Fix casing rename in UK subproject

Nat! authored on 24-11-2013 16:19:24
November 23, 2013
View 4557c9f

Make built-in mulle-scion a fallback option. So you are editing with the system wide executable if possible. Add some rudimentary error output.

Nat! authored on 23-11-2013 16:55:40
View 173a929

Try to get produced mulls-scion output a more sensible way by directly gripping for it in the xcodebuild output.

Nat! authored on 23-11-2013 16:17:04
November 20, 2013
View 1f20dc2

changes shell script to build and link mulle-scion, giving it a higher chance (but not 100%) of success

Nat! authored on 20-11-2013 23:25:40