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MulleScionTemplates is a modern template engine for Objective C ============= (written in an oldfashioned way) *** It's **heavily** (very heavily) inspired by [TWIG]("") "The flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP" *MulleScionTemplates* is fairly flexible, reasonably fast and can be made as secure as you wish. * **Reasonably Fast** : *MulleScionTemplates* can compile templates into a compressed archive format. Loading such an archive is lots faster than parsing. A compiled template is read-only, you can use it many times to render different output from different input. * **Secure** : *MulleScionTemplates* has hooks so your application can ensure that untrusted template code doesn't have access to all of the input data. * **Flexible** : There is the possibility of extending KVC and writing your own "builtin" fuctions. A template can (if allowed) execute arbitrary ObjC code. MulleScion has a powerful define like preprocessing capability and macros to expand your template vocabulary. MulleScionTemplates are beautiful (hello Jinja :) : {% extends "layout.html" %} {% block body %} <ul> {% for user in users %} <li><a href="{{ user.url }}">{{ user.username }}</a></li> {% endfor %} </ul> {% endblock %} Using the MulleScionTemplates.framework the creation of a string from your object using a template file is as easy as: NSString *output; output = [MulleScionTemplate descriptionWithTemplateFile:@"test.scion" dataSource:self]; This is the general architecture of *MulleScionTemplates* ![]( "Data Flow Sketch") *MulleScionTemplates* is a work in progress, it's extremely fresh and little used (yet). DOCUMENTATION ============= Virtually all the documentation is contained in example **.scion** templates in the `dox`folder. For each command or feature there should be a separate template file that documents it. mulle-scion, the command line utility, contains a small quickly hacked together webserver that can present the documentation using *MulleScionTemplates* itself. In Xcode just run `mulle-scion` and it should setup the webserver and open your browser to the right address. MulleScion is very similar to TWIG, so you can glean much of relevance from <>. If you see a feature in TWIG but don't see it in the tests file, it's likely not there (but it's probably easily achieved some other way (define, macro, ObjC category on NSString). LIMITATIONS ============= Because you can execute arbitrary ObjC methods, and have access to Key Value Coding, MulleScion can pretty much do anything. *MulleScionTemplates* use `NSInvocation` for method calls, and that usually can not do variable arguments. So that will be a problem. Be wary of anything using structs and C-Arrays and C-strings, although *MulleScionTemplates* tries to be as helpful as possible. *MulleScionTemplates* do not do arithmetic or bitwise logic, quite on purpose. *MulleScionTemplates* do not support the `@{ }` syntax to create dictionaries. *MulleScionTemplates* `&&` and `||` have no operator precedence, use parentheses *MulleScionTemplates* don't prevent you from trying stupid things. The documentation is not very good, actually it is just more or less a collection of test cases with comments... TODO ============= It would be nice to have delayed evaluation for render results. Get rid of MulleScionNull except for printing a nil value. AUTHOR ============= Coded by Nat! 2013 Mulle kybernetiK Mongoose Webserver by Sergey Lyubka