April 2, 2013
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add a bogus example to README.md, so visitors see what the language looks like

Nat! authored on 02-04-2013 17:05:47
March 26, 2013
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Added an experimental iOS target. Made some changes that are probably useful for iOS formatting.

Nat! authored on 26-03-2013 18:46:25
March 5, 2013
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changed to .md format

Nat! authored on 05-03-2013 00:47:01
March 4, 2013
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Made it a BSD-3 license

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 20:35:59
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Some more template changes...

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 20:07:18
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Fix Methods in macro expansion

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 20:04:02
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Reorganization of templates

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 20:03:38
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Fix macros to be useful. Which means they need to be able to contain commands.

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 18:00:39
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Too much to mention. Off the top of my head: Added MulleMongoose functionality to mulls-scion. Added @selector(). Fixed a ton of Bugs. Restructured demo templates. Wrote a man page.

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 16:38:24
March 1, 2013
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Added Support for define and macro. To me it's feature complete. Might create some more support files around it.

Nat! authored on 01-03-2013 00:25:03
February 28, 2013
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Allow method calls with parameters in MulleScionDot and MulleScionPipe.

Nat! authored on 28-02-2013 12:41:45
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Reorganize templates so, included templates are prefixed with '_'

Nat! authored on 28-02-2013 12:40:54
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Plugged some obvious security holes.

Nat! authored on 28-02-2013 11:17:06
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Add {% filter %} and {% end filter %}.

Nat! authored on 28-02-2013 00:13:23
February 27, 2013
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NSFileHandle needs to be truncated if exists.

Nat! authored on 27-02-2013 17:52:38