September 21, 2015
View da130c8

Fix broken merge.

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 19:05:48
View 780fe87

Change OS X ARCHS to Universal

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 18:09:53
September 17, 2015
View 512499f

Fix precedence of '|' with respect to '.'. Improve usage.

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 12:41:37
View ef82a9e

Changed shared scheme to use github data. Fixed up RELASENOTES. Made mulle-scion simpler yet more powerful. Improved man page. Removed some warnings.

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 11:22:30
August 20, 2015
View 1726aa9

Share some schemes with the rest of the world. Update dox, fix some warnings.

Nat! authored on 20-08-2015 14:59:40
October 19, 2014
View 070695a

Fix freshly introduced bugs Fix some things, that AppCode didn't like

Nat! authored on 19-10-2014 14:02:26
October 9, 2014
View 7e71be6

Added -z option to mulle-scion. Noted that NSKeyedArchiver is extremely slow and bloated and brittle with respect to recursion. Added -initWithFile convenience to load either a plaintext template or an archive.

Nat! authored on 09-10-2014 17:50:54
August 17, 2014
View 1921128

ShouldFilterPlainText dazu, fixed main() usage output

Nat! authored on 17-08-2014 19:43:35
May 24, 2014
View 7e146a3

Fixed and improved usage output. Added a test.

Nat! authored on 24-05-2014 16:22:27
View 0437391

Removed leniency in "rest of line" parsing, which was just too darned confusing. Made a slightly more helpful parser output.

Nat! authored on 24-05-2014 14:55:31
April 20, 2014
View e8ea88b

Clarified documentation a little. Fixed missing else in main.m, which just made error cases run slower. Fix environment handling.

Nat! authored on 20-04-2014 15:54:24
April 19, 2014
View 776920e

Make things generally nicer for use with MulleScionist. Clean up some cruft. Added "log" as a command to quickly output some value into the "blue" screen. Allows inline comments now. Fix an exception incurred in debug mode, when a standalone function is encountered (something that doesn't work)

Nat! authored on 19-04-2014 00:15:25
March 31, 2014
View 22eb126

Fix a overrelease problem. Remove NSObject+ MulleGraphviz from project (move into own library).

Nat! authored on 31-03-2014 15:31:32
January 24, 2014
View 9be0344

Nice it up a little

Nat! authored on 24-01-2014 15:22:16
November 25, 2013
View ac44566

Started to make the mulle-scion web server a little bit more flexible, in case I want to use it for real some time...

Nat! authored on 25-11-2013 00:20:54