June 13, 2017
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Modernized release script. Now build and install with cmake. Still contains hardcoded paths for the webserver though :-/ Improve some error messages.

Nat! authored on 12-06-2017 16:32:52 • Nat! committed on 13-06-2017 10:58:00
May 23, 2016
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update RELEASENOTES.md, fix .bootstrap/repositories Improvements to shell scripts try to improve versioning/release

Nat! authored on 23-05-2016 12:48:46
March 10, 2016
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Remove cruft that apparently bothers travis. Update brew formula generator a bit.

Nat! authored on 10-03-2016 14:55:05
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Try Travis integration on Github. Use smarter mulle-bootstrap to integrate google-toolbox automatically.

Nat! authored on 10-03-2016 14:09:03
September 17, 2015
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add DESC fix some stuff

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 19:23:41
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updated for newer mulle-github-release.sh

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 15:28:44
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Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 14:41:51