November 8, 2013
View 448f94f

Make it work on iOS again (?). Added "filter" function, for formatting needs. Fixed comparisons with nil

Nat! authored on 08-11-2013 11:40:13
November 7, 2013
View 059e458

added some aggregate targets, fixed some trace code

Nat! authored on 07-11-2013 14:53:33
View c58aaf8

removed some warnings, fixed up log string. made dump a little pretties, removed unused code

Nat! authored on 07-11-2013 12:11:38
November 6, 2013
View d2f30cd

Renamed MulleScionTemplates to MullesScion. Renamed MulleScionConvenience also to MulleScion. Allowed {{}} in {% %} which is makes multiline scripts now much more readable.

Nat! authored on 06-11-2013 17:23:50
View 7334c90

Remove some wrong analyzer warnings. Remove some other warnings. Remove impossible leak :) Change trace/dump output back to stderr for '-'. Make project a little prettier.

Nat! authored on 06-11-2013 11:10:21
November 5, 2013
View c533990

Made a lot of changes, that were needed for the move to multiline statements in {% %}. Fixed some errors en-passant. The object model also changed a bit.

Nat! authored on 05-11-2013 12:25:13
October 30, 2013
View 3de6fc6

Change DYLIB version. Add LF to usage. Make array[ n].keypath expressions happen, which used to truncate after array[ n]. Allow strings as indices for arrays for no good reason really.

Nat! authored on 30-10-2013 20:53:43
October 29, 2013
View aba423b

remove leading "self." from key paths recursively added dox for self. Make some changes to general project

Nat! authored on 29-10-2013 17:56:48
View 0d35d83

Avoid the recreation of some redundant local variables information.

Nat! authored on 29-10-2013 14:47:20
September 13, 2013
View 86f84e1

Add some more examples of coding with MulleScionTemplates.

Nat! authored on 13-09-2013 14:03:15
March 26, 2013
View 3f8d4c5

Added an experimental iOS target. Made some changes that are probably useful for iOS formatting.

Nat! authored on 26-03-2013 18:46:25
March 4, 2013
View ef82839

Made it a BSD-3 license

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 20:35:59
View 7a19085

Fix Methods in macro expansion

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 20:04:02
View 2ae60c6

Fix macros to be useful. Which means they need to be able to contain commands.

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 18:00:39
View 801f831

Too much to mention. Off the top of my head: Added MulleMongoose functionality to mulls-scion. Added @selector(). Fixed a ton of Bugs. Restructured demo templates. Wrote a man page.

Nat! authored on 04-03-2013 16:38:24