October 1, 2015
View 3bb5db4

Fix bug, where endfilter did not pop off the mode from the mode stack. See RELEASENOTES

Nat! authored on 01-10-2015 17:13:43
View 6ef9058

Change the way MulleScion outputs headers to be more compatible and easier mulle-bootstrappable

Nat! authored on 01-10-2015 13:27:35
View 083dc82

Improve error message, when wrongly writing filter identifier (options). Fix shell script to better grab mulle-scion local copy.

Nat! authored on 01-10-2015 13:27:01
View 89b92e6

legacy .bootstrap settings removed for now

Nat! authored on 01-10-2015 13:24:58
September 29, 2015
View da96279

Due to css having %} occasionally in it, %} can be a stray closer in text, and mulle-scion will just warn about it.

Nat! authored on 29-09-2015 10:53:40
View 29e7c07

fummel fummel am Projekt mal wieder

Nat! authored on 29-09-2015 10:27:26
September 21, 2015
View da130c8

Fix broken merge.

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 19:05:48
View 780fe87

Change OS X ARCHS to Universal

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 18:09:53
View cbf77d7

mulle-bootstrap support added. Fixed library creation for the nth time..

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 14:14:29
View 6521ed8

make header distribution saner

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 12:07:20
View 6149b45

mehr project gefummel und cleanup

Nat! authored on 21-09-2015 11:37:14
September 20, 2015
View 6664dcd

Some compile fixes, make xcodeproj install work. "Fix" some header problems

Nat! authored on 20-09-2015 23:14:12
September 17, 2015
View 85df498

Attempt to salvage iOS framework, but it just gives weird errors. So now its gone.

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 23:59:22
View 4cfff1b

lose the iOS framework, should recreate and build from scratch

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 19:24:47
View b2f53b4

add DESC fix some stuff

Nat! authored on 17-09-2015 19:23:41