September 1, 2015
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Fix release number

Nat! authored on 01-09-2015 11:11:31
August 20, 2015
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Add all headers to OS X Library. Fix up stale examples, to function again.

Nat! authored on 20-08-2015 15:45:26
View ef90323

Allow escaping of ScionTags. Unify NSString and URL convenience methods

Nat! authored on 20-08-2015 15:00:17
View 1726aa9

Share some schemes with the rest of the world. Update dox, fix some warnings.

Nat! authored on 20-08-2015 14:59:40
View fc1b9d0

allow escaping of {{ and friends with backtick AFTER the scion tag

Nat! authored on 20-08-2015 14:50:23
February 24, 2015
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Add some more documentation

Nat! authored on 24-02-2015 10:51:32
February 23, 2015
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Improve documentation with some comments, remove some warnings

Nat! authored on 23-02-2015 10:57:20
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more nicey

Nat! authored on 23-02-2015 10:31:38
February 20, 2015
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Improved and updated documentation

Nat! authored on 20-02-2015 17:44:34
View fb5e626

Make parser reject stray '%} '#}' and '}}' closers Make documentation more nicey, nicey

Nat! authored on 20-02-2015 16:33:54
View b8c659f

New environment variables for debug macros can now be invoked recursively Documentation even more nicey, nicey

Nat! authored on 20-02-2015 14:36:22
February 19, 2015
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The idea with four backticks was just stupid...

Nat! authored on 19-02-2015 22:52:28
View fec98ee

Allow "secret" converter in includes. Need to document this sometime. Made filters nestable. Also supports stateful filters. Redid the documentation which is now much nicer.

Nat! authored on 19-02-2015 22:41:00
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Make some code nicer

Nat! authored on 19-02-2015 22:38:01
December 10, 2014
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No more for else endfor. Else be gone!

Nat! authored on 01-12-2014 13:46:41