renamed to MulleScion, because now it's more than just a template engine, it's
also somewhat useful as a little standalone Obj-C interpreter. Also 
MulleScionTemplates was just too long.

The MulleScionConvenience has been renamed to just MulleScion.

There is now some rudimentary tracing support available. Just going to become
better over time.

{{ }} can now be placed inside {% %} which makes templates with a lot of logic
and little output that much more managable.

used google-toolbox-code for htmlEscapedString, which now adds some Apache2 Licensing
terms to this project. Or say #define NO_APACHE_LICENSE and get the old crufty
functionality back.

the repository on github will be only pushed to for "releases" the continous
development is going to happen on Mulle kybernetiK.

mulle:  http://www.mulle-kybernetik.com/software/git/MulleScionTemplates/
github: https://github.com/mulle-nat/MulleScionTemplates/

v1848.3  !!massive changes!!

your compiled scionz files are incompatible now. Throw them away
and rebuild your caches

you used to be able to have random trash after valid scion code, which was nice
for documentation. That doesn't work anymore in most cases

you can now write multiline scripts, but some keywords need still to be 
enclosed as singles in {% %} like macro, block, endblock, extends and maybe
some others

there are the beginnings of a test suite, check out the tests folder. there is
a simple shellscript that runs the tests

lots of smaller fixes, whose content one might glean from the git comments


your scionz files are incompatible now. Throw them away
and rebuild the caches