* allow # comments within {% %}

* added log command for debugging

* mulle-scion now builds into /usr/local/bin in Release setting

* the demo webserver root is now /tmp/MulleScionDox

* fixed requires dox

* made requires a single line command, like include or extends, just because
it "felt right"

* remove some extraneous debug output and runtime warnings

* new scheme "Show Documentation in Browser"

* updated documentation a bit regarding multi-line commands


* outsourced NSObject+MulleGraphviz because I need it in other code
too and the dependency on MulleScion was annoying.

* fixed some bad code in commandline tool, that reads the property list


* add __ARGV__ parsage to mulle-scion. Now you can use mulle-scion as an awk 
replacement in other shell scripts, if you so desire.


* bunch of fixes. Added an example how to write a non-plist datasource, in this
case using CoreData.

* added a requires keyword for dynamic loading of bundles from within a scion
script (experimental)


* renamed to MulleScion, because now it's more than just a template engine, it's
also somewhat useful as a little standalone Obj-C interpreter. Also 
MulleScionTemplates was just too long.

* The MulleScionConvenience has been renamed to just MulleScion.

* There is now some rudimentary tracing support available. Just going to become
better over time.

* {{ }} can now be placed inside {% %} which makes templates with a lot of logic
and little output that much more managable.

* used google-toolbox-code for htmlEscapedString, which now adds some Apache2 Licensing
terms to this project. Or say #define NO_APACHE_LICENSE and get the old crufty
functionality back.

* the repository on github will be only pushed to for "releases" the continous
development is going to happen on Mulle kybernetiK.

<blockquote>mulle:  http://www.mulle-kybernetik.com/software/git/MulleScionTemplates/<br>
github: https://github.com/mulle-nat/MulleScionTemplates/

v1848.3  !!**massive changes**!!

* your compiled scionz files are incompatible now. Throw them away
and rebuild your caches

* you used to be able to have random trash after valid scion code, which was nice
for documentation. That doesn't work anymore in most cases

* you can now write multiline scripts, but some keywords need still to be 
enclosed as singles in {% %} like macro, block, endblock, extends and maybe
some others

* there are the beginnings of a test suite, check out the tests folder. there is
a simple shellscript that runs the tests

* lots of smaller fixes, whose content one might glean from the git comments


* your scionz files are incompatible now. Throw them away
and rebuild the caches