The MulleAudioCDDetector is a background program that launches the registered program for audio files, whenever an audio CD is inserted.

Ultraprofessional splash screen included free of charge.

Binary and Source are distributed as compressed gnutar archives. Unpack the binary adaptor in the application directory of your choice with gnutar xfz, do not use the standard tar.

Copy the application MulleAudioCDDetector into an application folder. Either chose the one in your home directory or use the main application folder. For best results make the MulleAudioCDDetector automatically run as a login item. The MulleAudioCDDetector runs in the background and can not be controlled. For utmost convenience, the program only stops, when the machine is shut down.

If you feel as good about our business software as we feel basking in their glory, feel free to contact us. Since our professional software has been tested under the most rigorous conditions, it would be senseless to give a bug reporting address here.
Future versions will appear exclusively on Mulle kybernetiK
Your worldwide business is our key interest. Profit globally with our ultraprofessional solutions for maximum shareholder value.

Interview with the CEO of Mulle kybernetiK

Q: We noticed the new look of your pages, they give Mulle kybernetiK a much more professional look.
A: Yes, we like to convey to our core business interest, that we are above all a professional company. We consider the new look "ultraprofessional".

Q: Please tell us about your newest release.
A: Our entrance into the emerging market of monolithic customer-centric applications is the MulleAudioCDDetector. After three years of professional research and development we are now providing the user with a Mac OS X experience like never before.

Q: What does this new user experience entail ?
A: The leading market indicators invariably point to the fact that especially among professionals the main use of Mac OS X is the reproduction and analysis of audio signals. Most commonly these signals are stored in RedBook format. Our application initiates the reproduction of these signals, a task formerly impossible on Mac OS X. It's a big step forward for Mac OS X to be perceived as a professional Operating System.

Q: What's your stand on Open Source ?
A: It's Mulle kybernetiK's main philosophy that source is an essential part of a professional offering. Me and my golfing buddy Steve differ on this particular point, but we are sure that business realities, will prove us right.