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WebLamento is an attempt to re-implement the infamous Cocoa application as a WebObjects 4.5 Application. WebLamento is entirely written in Objective-C and Webscript (during the prototyping phase). As far as I'm concerned, there will be no Java version. All the frameworks, that WebLamento depends on, are written in Objective-C and have tight couplings to the "Yellow" frameworks. There's no chance to have a 100% pure Java version in the near future.


The goal of WebLamento is to provide the look & feel of as close as possible. It's not easy for an HTML based application to achieve that goal, so we'll have to find solutions for the problematic parts, where a transition isn't easily achievable. Furthermore, WebLamento will not depend on Javascript or Java. I'm not even planning to integrate Javascript or Java. A WebApp, whatsoever, should be usable without any of both. However, it's just my opinion.


Currently, I'm in a pre alpha phase. Some things already work right now, other's aren't even implemented. There will be a public beta on our site (bootstrapping the WebApp ... cool) and code release (CVS). Until then, it's a long way. I tried hard to work 2 hours a night on Lamento, not distracted by my everyday job. Right now, it seems, that this isn't managable, because we'll reach critical deadlines soon and are behind schedule. If someone is seriously willing to contribute to the project, I'll check in my stuff and allow access to the repository. That's it.

And now, the screenshots ;-)
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Last changed 31-August-2000