23.Mar.00 v0.0 coded & released
01.Jun.00 v0.1 released. It takes into account that a Framework can only handle one JAR file (at the moment). Also contains a modified shell script for Solaris.

Known bug: The jar file's path must not contain spaces.

24.Jul.00 Hmm, WO4.5 neccessitated another change in the Solaris script. The next version, available this week, will contain the original solaris script and one hacked by ZNeK for WO4.5.
02.Aug.00 v0.4 released. Can now handle more than one JAR file by repackaging. This is fairly slow, but it works. The shell script has been unified so that one version should work for MacOSXServer, Solaris and Solaris WO4.5.
07.Aug.00 On the WOCOA-Camp I learned, that the created Frameworks did not work for some people. The problem here seems to be, that the Apple makefiles for the building of Applications are a "less feature rich" than the WebObjectsApplications makefiles.

Here is a page with some tips what to do.

JavaFramework Maker
Download - (default FTP)
Binary HTTP FTP JavaFrameworkMaker.tgz
Source HTTP FTP JavaFrameworkMaker.source.tgz
Screenshot (a bit outdated)
Create Frameworks for Mac OS X Server or Mac OS X from Java JAR files.

The benefit of wrapping jar files in Frameworks is that you do not have to worry about setting CLASSPATH correctly, as the Framework handling of PBProject and the runtime does it automatically for you.

Additional Credit
Lola made the icon even more stupid looking