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1.1 How do I get help?
If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please use our new forum. You don't even need to register to post a question.

1.2 How do I send HTML messages?
This is explained in detail in this forum topic. It also shows how to add attachments to such mails.

2.1 How do I find out about new releases?
You can either bookmark the download page or subscribe to the edframeworks-announce mailing list.

2.2 What happens between releases?
You can subscribe to the edframeworks-dev mailing list to which all "commit" messages are copied. If something interesting happened you can update via Subversion. (See instructions on the download page.) Note that we try not to check in broken code but until we have proper testing in place it can happen.

2.3 Can I participate in the development?
As a first step please subscribe to the edframeworks-dev mailing list.

3.1 Which platforms are supported?
The current releases support Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and above. Versions supporting GNUstep and Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) and above are listed on the download page. Older releases of the framworks support a variety of platforms including all Web Objects 4.x deployment platforms and OPENSTEP Enterprise on Windows.

3.2 Which versions of WebObjects are supported?
The frameworks are written in Objective-C and, consequently, should be used with versions 4.0 and 4.5 only.

3.3 How to build on platforms without AppKit?
Some platforms do not have an implementation of the AppKit, Solaris for example, and the frameworks must be built accordingly. This is achieved by setting BUILD_WO_VERSION to YES in the top-level makefile.preamble files of each framework. Note that you must do a make clean after changing the variable. Building without AppKit dependencies is not supported in PBX or XCode.

4.1 What happened to the EDStyleSheet framework?
The style sheet framework never saw great adoption and we have stopped supporting it. If you are interested, the full revsion history is available from the Subversion repository.

4.2 What happened to the EDInternet framework?
The ED Frameworks were repackaged to better suit usage patterns. We had noticed that several projects depended on EDInternet solely for the socket functionality and, at times, for some MIME functionality that has become popular outside message processing; character set names (in CoreFoundation they are called "IANA" charsets), content types and the base64 encoding. We decided to move all this from the EDInternet framework into the EDCommon framework. This left only message functionality in EDInternet and consequently we decided to drop that name and rename it to EDMessage.

4.3 How do I move from EDInternet to EDMessage?
In a first step replace every occurance of EDInternet with EDMessage. This must be done in all files, including the .pbproj files. Then you need to replace all occurances of EDMessageMessage with EDInternetMessage. That should be it.

I would recommend the Mulle String Replacer for this task if it were in a better shape but it looks like you'll have to resort to find and sed. If you have a good script, please send me a mail.

4.4 Where is NSAttributedString+AppkitExtensions?
Some file have long names and StuffIt Expander will silently skip these files. Please use Finder, gnutar, or OpenUp to unpack the archives.

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