NSScanner (EDExtensions)

Declared In:

Category Description

Various common extensions to NSScanner.

Method Types

- scanUpToEndIntoString:
- scanUpToClosingBracketIntoString:

Instance Methods


- (BOOL)scanUpToClosingBracketIntoString:(NSString **)stringRef

Assumes that the scanner is located just behind an opening bracket, ie. round, angle, curly or square brackets, and scans up to the matching closing bracket. Nested bracket pairs are ignored in this process. Returns YES if the bracket was found and if stringRef is not NULL indirectly returns the string between the brackets.


- (BOOL)scanUpToEndIntoString:(NSString **)stringRef

Copies the remainder of the scanner's string into a string which is returned indirectly through stringRef. The latter can be NULL in which case the string is discarded. Returns NO if the scanner is at the end when the method is called.

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