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Class Description

Subclass of NSTableView providing "click-through" functionality. This allows data cells to track the mouse and do whatever they do without any effect on the table view. (Normally, the table view first changes the selection to the row in which the click happened, which while being "good" behaviour is not always desirable, and then lets the cell track the mouse.)

Instance Variables

struct _EDTVFlags flags;
NSMutableSet *clickThroughColumns;
int clickedRowIdx, clickedColumnIdx;

flagsNo description.
clickThroughColumnsNo description.
clickedColumnIdxNo description.

Method Types

Managing "click-through" columns
- addToClickThroughColumns:
- removeFromClickThroughColumns:
- clickThroughColumns

Instance Methods


- (void)addToClickThroughColumns:(NSTableColumn *)aColumn

Adds aColumn to the list of columns with click-through behaviour. Note that, of course, the column must be part of the receiver.


- (NSArray *)clickThroughColumns

Returns the list of columns with click-through behaviour.


- (void)removeFromClickThroughColumns:(NSTableColumn *)aColumn

Removes aColumn from the list of columns with click-through behaviour. Afterwards aColumn will have normal select-and-click behaviour.

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