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Class Description

Object references provide a reference an object that in itself is an object. The references retain their objects. Reference objects can be useful when you want to use heavy-weight objects as keys in Dictionaries (and the object's equality is defined by pointer equality, e.g. Fonts) or you need to pass references on the pasteboard. (Adding and retrieving an object from the pasteboard normally effectively copies it.) Note that there is a convenience method on NSPasteboard that does something similar but does not retain the referenced objects.

Instance Variables

id referencedObject;

referencedObjectNo description.

Method Types

Creating new references
+ referenceToObject:
Retrieving the references objects
- referencedObject

Class Methods


+ (id)referenceToObject:(id)anObject

Creates and returns a new reference to anObject. Note that anObject is retained by the reference.

Instance Methods


- (id)referencedObject

Returns the object.

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