Simple editor specialised in editing CVS commit messages. Usually you'd stick to vi doing the job, thus the name CVI.

Although CVI is an AppKit.app, you run it from the command line giving it a filename as parameter. Happily, CVS does the job for you and you don't need manual intervention if you add a simple variable to your shell's environment!

If you use a bourne shell derivate (such as bash), try the following:


If you use a csh derivate (such as tcsh), the following should do:

setenv CVSEDITOR /Local/Applications/Utilities/CVI.app/CVI

The next time you commit, instead of vi (or emacs or whatever you've set) CVI.app pops up and lets you enter your log message without the need to even touch your mouse! Pretty simple! CVI remembers the last window position and size and automatically quits on save (command-s). If you want to abort the commit, either try closing the window (command-w) or use command-q to quit without saving. Simple.

14. Oct. 2000 Version 1d released
Kodi would like to have a template text in CVI as a default if there is no previous message to edit. By doing so one would be easily remembered to enter the Lamento incident reference and the like.
What via HTTP via FTP
Binary CVI.tar.gz CVI.tar.gz
Source CVI.s.tar.gz CVI.s.tar.gz
Kodi <thorsten.kohnhorst@pixelpark.com> bugged me to write this piece of crap. In fact, I won the "I can do it in 10 minutes" contest, being slightly off (24 minutes, er ... at the time I wrote it, I was handicapped by minor drug abuse I might add). So after all, Kodi is the reason for this code's existence.

Also, Michael Blase <michael.blase@pixelpark.com> had stupid complaints that somehow affected the current code base ... ;-)
This release also features thoughts, ideas and improvements by extraordinary AppKit Guru Michael Maier <michael.maier@pixelpark.com>. :-)