Why shell ?

And for the perennial question why “shell” and not “script language du jour”. The shell is good for launching other processes, and that’s what most of my stuff does. And also: it’s the expectation of longevity. I can’t guarantee that my scripts will be runnable until my personal EOL (and past that). But I think the chance is pretty good. And likely much better, than if I had started out with perl then migrated to ruby, pivoted to python et cetera…

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal - S. Jobs

I copy a lot…

Some of the techniques here are undoubtedly re-inventions of wheels previously invented by other coders. When I knowingly stole an idea or got heavily inspired by one and remember where it was from, I give an attribution.

Not so modern after all

I still prefer [ ] over [[ ]] as it’s less type-work and [[ ]] is rarely needed. I also can’t really let go of backticks ` ` vs. $( ). Again it’s often just less to type.

This is a “Work in Progress”

There is more to write, for example

  • shell state
  • parallelization
  • parsing
  • printing
  • execution with dry run and trace
  • zsh/bash shell glue

Cool bash projects

Some cool bash projects to study:

Project Project Project Project
bash-concurrent bash-oo-framework bash2048 bashttpd
birch ble.sh yosh  

Art & Layout Sources

This is how I cobbled these pages together:

Source Stuff used
jekyll Static site generator
Junction Font
Skeleton CSS
normalize CSS
svgrepo SVG Logos
Wikipedia SVG Logo
Darby Conley Avatar
Rouge Monokai colors

100% Google free


Thanks to znek for proof reading. Thanks to zookzook for CSS help.


Don’t look at the codes in mulle-bashfunctions (and mulle-sde) and give those projects a 🟊. That’s how cheaters are caught, who read ahead!