Verify with delay, rejects take a lot of time to run tests

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Verify with delay, rejects take a lot of time to run tests

Postby michals » 15 Oct 2014, 10:59


My project use OCMock, OHHTTPStubs and XCTest.
I try to test SDK (SDK implemented by my), so i stub Http response/requests and add some expectation on callback methods. Each unit tests have some expectations that delegate methods will be called properly and after setting all expectations i included rejects for each delegate method to be sure that only specified methods will be called and nothing more.
All tests pass successfully but it take a lot of time to run everything. But what i saw, when i remove those rejects all tests run 3 times faster.
After some debuging i check the implementation of OCMock library method:
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- (void)verifyWithDelay:(NSTimeInterval)delay atLocation:(OCMLocation *)location
    NSTimeInterval step = 0.01;
    while(delay > 0)
        if([expectations count] == 0)
        [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] runUntilDate:[NSDate dateWithTimeIntervalSinceNow:step]];
        delay -= step;
        step *= 2;
    [self verifyAtLocation:location];

And where rejects are registered the "expectations" variable always contains those rejcts.

Has anybody the same problem ?
Maybe i do somethig wrong ?

Example of my unit test:
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    // stub http
    ... here are some http stubs...

    // expect
    [[self.mockDelegate expect] didSomethigHappend:[OCMArg checkWithBlock:^BOOL(id obj) {
        BOOL result = NO;
        // testing parameter object

        if(result) {
            // call next method on SDK
            [self.objectToTest nextMethod];
        return result;
    }] withError:[OCMArg isNil]];

    // reject any other call:
    [[self.mockDelegate reject] didSomethigHappend:[OCMArg any] withError:[OCMArg any]];
    [[self.mockDelegate reject] dodSomethig2:[OCMArg any] withError:[OCMArg any]];
    [[self.mockDelegate reject] dodSomethig3:[OCMArg any] withError:[OCMArg any]];
    [super.objectToTest doSomethigWithDelegate:super.mockDelegate]; // run
    [super.mockDelegate verifyWithDelay:3];  // verify

Re: Verify with delay, rejects take a lot of time to run tes

Postby erik » 19 Oct 2014, 16:19

That might be a bug in OCMock. Will look into this.
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