Expecting class method on mocked protocol

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Expecting class method on mocked protocol

Postby graeme » 04 Mar 2014, 19:22

I am trying to test the call of a class method on a class which implements a protocol.

I assumed if it could be achieved it would be as follows:

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id mockMyProtocol = [OCMockObject niceMockForProtocol:@protocol(MyProtocol)];
[mockMyProtocol expect] someClassMethodWithArgument:[OSMArg any]];
[objectUnderTest methodUnderTest];
[mockMyProtocol verify];

But the tests simply fail with the error:

*** -[NSProxy doesNotRecognizeSelector:someClassMethodWithArgument:] called!

I'm aware testing expectations of class methods is a relatively new feature so I can understand if this isn't supported yet, but thought I'd ask just in case.

Thanks, Graeme.
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