Unable to mock NSMutableAttributedString.

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Unable to mock NSMutableAttributedString.

Postby taoy » 12 Mar 2013, 13:33

I'm trying to understand what is mockable and what isn't.

In an experiment with an NSMutableAttributedString, I don't appear to be able to mock initWithAttributedString

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- (void)test_mutableString_shouldWorkAsAMutableString {
   NSMutableAttributedString *_mutable = [OCMockObject mockForClass:NSMutableAttributedString.class];
   NSAttributedString *_string = [OCMockObject mockForClass:NSAttributedString.class];
   [[[(id)_mutable expect] andReturnValue:nil] initWithAttributedString:_string];
   [_mutable initWithAttributedString:_string];

This code won't run; for some reason the proxy for the mutable screen doesn't recognise the initWithAttributedString selector:

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2013-03-12 11:25:30.725 UnitTests[11316:c07] TestItClass/test_4_mutableString_shouldWorkAsAMutableString ✘ 0.00s

   Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
   File: Unknown
   Line: Unknown
   Reason: *** -[NSProxy doesNotRecognizeSelector:initWithAttributedString:] called!

   0   CoreFoundation                      0x01c0602e __exceptionPreprocess + 206
   1   libobjc.A.dylib                     0x01948e7e objc_exception_throw + 44
   2   CoreFoundation                      0x01c05deb +[NSException raise:format:] + 139
   3   Foundation                          0x00862bcd -[NSProxy doesNotRecognizeSelector:] + 75
   4   CoreFoundation                      0x01bf5bbc ___forwarding___ + 588
   5   CoreFoundation                      0x01bf594e _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 14
   6   UnitTests                           0x00349e0b -[TestItClass test_4_mutableString_shouldWorkAsAMutableString] + 283

I am trying to understand how I can reliably use OCMock, but this confuses my and I'm not sure which OCMock calls I can expect to work and which I shouldn't.

I would very much appreciate some clarification on this, and an hints as to why the above doesn't work.

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