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Discussion and talk about performance and optimizations in general. War stories. Off Topic Topics Anything goes, except the big No No.

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Post by admin » Thu Aug 05, 2004 11:51 pm

This forum is dedicated to Optimization of Mac OS X code.

You have a nice hack that made your code go faster and you want to share it. Here is the right place.
You need a clue to make something go faster ? Mosey on over to our requests forums and ask your question. No question too stupid to ask, if asked well :)

If you enter here you must abide by one rule:

Meta discussion along the lines of Premature Optimization is the Root of all Evil will not be tolerated.

In fact you will be swiftly kicked off the board, if you break this rule.

If you can't respect the wish of your peer to get his program to run faster for whatever reason and even if it is maybe wrong in the big scheme of things, you are in the wrong place.


The forum structure is supposed to work like this: there is a request forum. If you have a problem place it there. In the end if there is a solution, this solution will moved up to the "Foundation & Objective-C". So the regular forum should become a collection of hacks and optimizations. There should not be discussions in "Foundation & Objective-C", like "Is Objective-C faster than Java", which belongs into the General discussion.


And another thing, if a noob does ask a stupid question, and you don't want to answer it. Don't answer it. It is not necessary to tell the noob that he is a noob. If you want to answer, that's cool. Be friendly.

If you are a noob and post some code into the forums. Don't be annoyed if someone else points out that something like this could be done easier, better, faster in some other way. Figure it like this, another noob with the same problem may read your topic and find a good solution to the same problem you had. That is better than not having posted that topics at all.

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