15 Mar 2013

OCMock 2.1 released

New release (2.1) which adds support for stubbing class methods and includes many contributed bug fixes. This release is compatible with Xcode 4.5/4.6.


Autor: Erik
12 Mar 2013

MulleScionTemplates, erste Veröffentlichung

MulleScionTemplates ist ein Django/TWIG ähnlichessTemplatesystem für Objective-C. Ganz frisch aus der Codepresse. Irgendwo zwischen pre-alpha und beta. Kommt mit einer BSD Lizenz. Mehr dazu:


Autor: Nat!
02 Sep 2012

Building another Hackintosh

Published a Mulle Kybernetik Tech Note describing my experience building another Hackintosh.


Autor: Erik


Kleine iSight Bildchengrapscher Applikation. Funktioniert.
The MulleEOInterface framework is a binary replacement for the EOInterface framework that Apple delivered in their Objective-C version of WebObjects (4.5). It's the link between EOControl and AppKit. Also features MulleEOObserver.

Version 1.3

OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. It creates mock objects on the fly and uses the trampoline pattern so that you can define expectations and stubs using the same syntax that you use to call methods.
This article series explores ways how to make your Objective-C code run faster. The series covers exclusively Objective-C and Foundation specifica. Optimizing code in general is not part of the agenda.
iTunesFS allows you to mount the iTunes database and all your local iPods as a file system, using the excellent MacFUSE. Albums, Artists and all Playlists are exposed as directories, with their respective entries, allowing for painless backups.