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Author:  Nat! [ Mon May 03, 1999 4:04 pm ]
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The guestbook entry was hosed for a while, because someone changed the local setup<grmpf>. I hope everything works OK now.

Author:  ZNeK [ Tue Aug 17, 1999 7:10 pm ]
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Just as extraordinary as Lafferty is as an SciFi author, <a href="http://www.soreplexus.com">SORE PLEXUS</a> is an extraordinary progressive powermetal band telling tales of today - just not as weird as Lafferty ;-)
Hope to see you soon ...
<a href="http://www.soreplexus.com"><img border="0" src="http://www.soreplexus.com/av/WebSticker.gif"></a>

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