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A Lafferty related Academic Fundraiser
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Author:  Nat! [ Tue Sep 15, 2015 6:40 pm ]
Post subject:  A Lafferty related Academic Fundraiser

A fundraiser for an academic work by forum member Daniel Petersen!


My research will combine ecocriticism and monster theory for what I call an ‘ecomonstrous’ reading of the fiction of Cormac McCarthy and R. A. Lafferty. I will explore extensively how their respective works represent the landscape, animals, and plants of their native Southwestern regions of the USA through emphasis on the strange and grotesque. I will also write chapters on an ecomonstrous reading of the Scottish author George Mackay Brown and the Nigerian author Amos Tutuola.
All money raised goes to tuition fees (£4,400 per year) and campaign costs.

You Are Helping Us Fund The Making Of A Book
An arts and humanities PhD such as I am undertaking has as its end product a thesis of around 100,000 words, which is roughly a 250-300 page book on the subject at hand - in this case, a book on monsters, the environment, and some great writers of 20th century literature. This will undoubtedly be published as a printed volume by some press somewhere, big or small, mainstream or specialist (only time will tell). Academic volumes like this tend to be expensive to purchase, so it may end up being obtained mainly by libraries and fellow academics with book-purchasing stipends. Regardless, what you are helping fund when you contribute to this campaign is the making of a book.

Good luck to the drive and maybe some forum members would like to help a follow member out.

P.S. I find the term "ecomonstrous", apparently a combination of ecocriticism and monster theory, not that great. Since it loses the theory and criticism aspect, it sounds to the uninitiated redundant like fauna-fishy.

Author:  Nat! [ Mon Sep 28, 2015 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Lafferty related Academic Fundraiser

And it has been funded!

Author:  kevinacheek [ Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Lafferty related Academic Fundraiser

Yes, Congratulations! I hope as many Lafferty and McCarthy fans as possible donated. What you are doing is groundbreaking.


Author:  Daniel Otto Jack [ Fri May 06, 2016 7:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Lafferty related Academic Fundraiser

Man, can't believe I didn't come here to spread the word on my fundraiser! Thank you so much for passing it on, Nat! Very kind of you. I appreciate the support. I've just finished my first year and it's gone really well. Just got to present a paper on the 'ecomonstrous' at a conference in Norway on monster studies. The term ecomonstrous seems to be going down well so far in academia. We'll see how it goes though. I usually lead off with saying I'm working in the field of ecocriticism (which itself isn't super well known yet) and then define my theory of the ecomonstrous from there.

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