R.A. Lafferty Devotional Page

Space Chantey

This is on a planet where the crew led by Captain Roadstrum strands on a planet of ogres, who draw the crew into a fight. The ogres are friendly, but really adamant about getting into a fight, peculiar in any other story, kind of normal in a Lafferty.
       "Bjorn,  bring  a  pig  or  a  sheep and  I will  show you
 how easily and at  what a  distance one  of these  blasters can
   "Do you not insult us!"  Bjorn cried  angrily. "Pig-soldiers!
 Sheep-soldiers! Let us see  you kill  one of  our men  with one
 of  your  blasters.  Then  we  will   know  whether   they  are
 weapons for men."                                             
   "No, no, I could not kill a living man or --  ah --  ogre for
 demonstration," Roadstrum said.                               
   "I  could,"  said  Crewman  Fairfeather. Fairfeather  had al-
 ways  been  something  of  a  blow-top,  but  there  was  some-
 thing  diferent  about  him  now.  He  had a  grin on  him that
 was  almost  like the  grins of  the Laestrygonians.  He seemed
 to grow larger.  He looked  like-well, he  had always  been the
 ugliest  of  the  crewmen,  now he  was nearly  as ugly  as the
 Laestrygonians themselves -- he looked like  one of  the giants,
 that same happy insane look in the eyes.                      
   Fairfeather  shot  big Hrekkur  with his  blaster. He  tore a
 big hole in the giant and killed him.                         
   "Now  you've   torn it!"   said  Roadstrum   angrily.  "We'll
 probably have to kill them all. Watch for their moves."       
   But  all   the  giant   Laestrygonians  were   whooping  with
   "Killed   him!   Killed  him!"   they  whooped   and  roared.
 "Man, he did look funny when you killed him so easily."       
   "Look  at  his face,  the side  of it  that's left.  He still
 doesn't believe it."                                          
   "Hey, the boy-men got a real weapon going."                 
   "Show us again."                                            
   "Kill me."                                                  
   "Kill me. Hey, little fellows, kill me with one."