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The Weirdest World -Does anyone have...

A space-sick and slightly high-browed alien in blob form is marooned in Florida and tries to find some company, after a disappointing encounter with the myopic quadrupeds (cows):

   What air-traveling creatures I have met are of a consider-
   ably smaller size. They are more vocal than the myopic
   quadrupeds, and I have had some success in conversing with
   them, but my results still await a more leisurely semantic
   interpretation. Such communications of theirs as I have 
   analyzed are quite commonplace. They have no real philoso-
   phy and are singularly lacking in aspiration; they are almost
   total extroverts and have no more than the rudiments of
   Yet they have managed to tell me some amusing anecdotes. 
   They are quite good natured, though moronic.

and a few pages later 

   I went up to a tree to give advice to two young birds trying
   to construct a nest. This was obviously their first venture.
     "You are going about it all wrong," I told them. "First
   consider that this will be your home, and then consider how 
   you can make your home most beautiful."
     "This is the way they've always built them," said one of the
     "There must be an element of utility, yes," I told them.
   "But the dominant motif should be beauty. The impression of
   expanded vistas can be given by long low walls and para-
     "This is the way they've always built them," said the other
     "Remember to embody all the new developments," I said.
   Just say to yourself 'This is the newest nest in the world.'
   Always say that about any task you attempt. It inspires you."
     "This is the way they've always built them," said the birds.
   "Go build your own nest."

As the story goes on, the blob does meet some "unfinished grubs" (people) falls in love with a stripper, gets rich with gambling and finally dies in depression, after he lost all his money, because his " friends" and his fiancee turned their backs on him. (in less than 20 pages of large print) 

  I will fire off my communication sphere and hope it will
  reach the Galactic drift. Whoever finds it - friend, space
  traveler, you who were too impatient to remain on your own
  world - be you warned of this one! Here ingratitude is the
  rule and cruelty the main sport. The unfinished grubs have
  come out from under their rocks and they walk this world
  upside down with their heads in the air. Their friendship is
  fleeting, their promises are like the wind.
     I am near my end.